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In ancient classical Greece, people viewed the world around them as being composed of four elements—Earth, Air, Fire and Water. While today we’re considerably more knowledgeable about our world, I've found this to be an intriguing way to visually categorize what we see. Thus I’ve sorted many of my photographs into these four general headings—with, of course, some leeway for interpretation.

Animals and plants don’t fit neatly into the above four categories, so I created galleries titled The Animal World and The Plant World. The Animal World is the entrance to a number of galleries of animals categorized according to species—bears, bighorn sheep, elk, foxes, mountain goats, moose and more.

The Panoramas gallery is similarly divided into subcategories of wildlife and landscapes. The Black and White gallery contains some of my favorite black and white images. I tried to make the titles of the Nature’s Artwork and Dreamscapes galleries self-descriptive, but take a look and maybe you’ll surprise yourself. The Travel gallery contains some of my favorite images from my travels. Lastly, the New Images gallery contains recent work that is not yet placed in the other galleries.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy this window into our beautiful world!

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